Do you know what keywords your sites and your competitor's sites are ranking for? There are free tools available to help you check like Google's Webmasters Tools, but it doesn't tell you what keywords your competitor/client's sites are ranking for. Just recently I've started to use SEMRush for keyword research for my clients and I'm extremely pleased with their service. SEMRush offers keyword research tools for both organic and paid listings. If you have a client that needs to play some catch-up with their competitors in the PPC space, then SEMRush is the tool you need!

With this SEM tool, I was able to put in my client's competitor's domain and it gave me a list of all the keywords they used in their PPC campaign (AdWords). This gave us a great start to build their PPC campaign and also expand on the PPC campaign to give them that extra competitive edge on their competitor. The tools provided by SEMRush is also great to use for SEO/SEM proposals as you're able to do keyword analysis within minutes.   So before you go wasting hours on doing keyword analysis, head over to SEMRush to try out their SEO/SEM keyword research tools.  They offer 10 free queries/day, but also offer a paid service for a minimal fee.  Click here to check out SEM Rush.

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