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On May 5, 2009, Microsoft will offer their new operating system, Windows 7, for free!  The version they will be releasing is the Release Candidate which is very close to the final version.  From what I've read, Windows 7 does everything Vista was suppose to do.  There has been nothing but positive reviews for Windows 7.  This is a very smart move of Microsoft to do since Vista was hated across the PC world.  SO, if you're tired of your bloated Vista operating system, head over to Microsoft to down

Google Chrome is not supported by Google Apps Start Page..  Looks like someone forgot to remove a javascript.

There are a bunch of Freelance bulletin boards on the Internet, but can a new one survive?  I just installed phpBB on http://webmasterofyourdomain.com/ - Webmaster Of Your Domain will be a resource for freelancers and businesses to network and possible help each other out.  Over the next few weeks, I will install new features and possible create a custom template.  If you're a freelancer, head over here and start a few threads.  :)

I've recently ramped up my Twitter activity and realized that there were a lot of programs out there to help you 'tweet' or 'twatter' :P.  Most of the apps are written with Adobe Air so you'll need that to run programs like Twhirl or Yahoo's Sideline.  So I installed Adobe Air and then proceeded to install Twhirl just to get the following error:

"Something went wrong trying to install this application.  Please install the latest version of Adobe AIR from http://www.adobe.com/go/getair and then try again."

I've noticed a few weird things happening recently with one of my sites where I push a lot of Amazon baby seats (Britax car seats).  The site always ranked on the 1st page for all of the Britax car seat keywords and just recently I fell back to pages 7 to 10 on Google SERPs.  BuyBritax.com has all orginal content on it and there's only 1 outbound link to the Amazon product.  I started to notice a drop in traffic and sales everytime Google slapped the site.    The site would dissappear from the SERPs fo

 I recently went through my weblogs and noticed a bunch of leechers hotlinking to one of my sites (WiiLoveMario.com).  After some Googling, I found a little peice of code that will thwart all hotlinkers.  All I had to do was create a .htaccess file in the directory where the files were located and added the extensions of the files that I didn't want to be hotlinked.
Here's the code to add to your .htaccess file

Well, since you're here. This site is for me to vent about everything. :)