What keyword do you want to target today?

What keywords do you want your site to show up for? Easy, the keywords that are most searched for! If you head over to Google's Keyword tool and type in the keyword(s) you think your site should be listed under, Google will return suggestions and most importantly the search volume. The search volume column is an average monthly number of searches over the recent 12 months. This will give you a good idea if people are searching for the keywords you had in mind.

I'm a web developer by day and a SEO'er by night. I'm not claiming to be an expert with Search Engine Optimization, but my results show that I might be on my way! :P In this post I will explain what techniques I've used to get my sites ranked in very high in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask and many others).

Does traffic cause you stress? If so, this is the perfect iPhone app for you: iGun. iGun allows you to virtually cap m*thaf*ckers on the highway! Check out this cool video of someone demostrating the app.

John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie all in one movie so it's got to be good, right?!  Right!  They're all a drama/comedy movie called "Pushing Tin" that came out in 1999.  Pushing Tin is about a feud between  two air traffic controllers: one cocky and determined while the other is restrained and laidback, which inevitably affects their lives.  I totally missed this movie when it first came out, but thanks to Hulu I can now enjoy this great American classic.

I've been getting all of these annoying SMS messages from LIMBO 41414 for the past few months.  When I received my last AT&T cell phone bill, I noticed it said I used 200 txt messages and I hardly ever TXT! AT&T charged me $40 for all those SMS messages.  It's time to stop these unwanted SMS messages!  It turns out if you use the Free411 directory, you'll automatically get opted-in to receiving their SMSs.   You can call 1-888-335-4953 from your cell phone and press "1" when prompted to opt out.

My Pentium 4  running WinXP Pro finally went to that silicon valley in the sky! Time to upgrade. :)  Do I want to order a pre-built system like a HP or Dell or should I piece something together?  I would save some money if I order the parts online, but I  was dead in the waters and needed a workstation. So I drove to the nearest CompUSA to get the parts.  Here's what I came back with:

I'm a curious person at heart and when I see somthing I like, I'll dive in deeper to see how it was done.  In this case, I went to a local aquarium store's website to see what they offer online just to find that their site is still under construction.  The site was nice looking and I wanted to see if they built the site using pure CSS or the old way with tables... after looking at the source, I noticed an image map with a link going to "admin" - Naturally I had to see where this went.

Let me start off by saying that my mother-in-law is the most despicable person I've ever met!  She has been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder (BPD)* and refuses to get treatment for it.   She was diagnosed with this disorder a few years ago by her doctor and refuses to believe she has it.  This is one of the symptoms of this disorder..

One of my favorite reality shows turns out to be completely fake.  Operation Repo is show on TruTV (formerly CourTV) where a team of reposession agents go around repossessing vehicles for finance companies.  Everytime I watch the show, one of the guys (Matt) is

The Swine Flu seems to keep spreading and has already infected 160 people in the USA and there's already been 1 death.  All of the people infected either visited Mexico or was in contact with someone that just came back from there.  Check out this site and read up on how you can protect yourself from the swine flu and other viruses.