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There was a time, not so long ago, when the term jailbreak referred to an innocent version of tag – a favorite past time of children everywhere. In this digital age however those children have grown more sophisticated and would rather participate in a game of digital cat and mouse; the right to run homebrew applications and games on the Sony Playstation 3. Sony is threatened that it's console has been corrupt forever. Jailbreaking a device allows its users to run applications that were not originally intended for that device, including but not limited to backup copies of PS3 games. Earlier this month – January 2011 – news hit the Internet that a group of hackers had jailbroken the Playstation 3 console. This latest hack allows users to exploit the systems root key in order to access the ability to play backup games as well as run homebrew applications on the system. Sony has been scrambling ever since to find a way to counter this attack.

Since news first hit of the PS3 jailbreak, the infamous hacker known widely as GeoHot has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the hack. George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz gained popularity when he and a group of other hackers jailbroke Apple’s iPhone and iPad Touch. 

A coworker of mine was wondering if they still sold Soap on a Rope and this was what he found in his search for soap on a rope.   So if you're lonely and you need to take a shower.. this is the perfect fit (no pun intended).   

Steve Jobs has been known to answer emails from the common folks.  Most of his replies are usually really nice and the person usually get's something for free - not Long Island University student, Chelsea Kate Isaacs.   Chelsea's assignment was to write a story about the university's new initiatives to buy iPads for incoming students.  She needed a quote from Apple about the iPad purchase but was denied by Apple's PR department.   After leaving a few messages and not getting any call backs, Chelsea's friend jokingly suggested that she emailed Steve Jobs directly.. here's how it all went down:

The Sony Playstation 3 was enjoying almost 5 years of being hack free up until the past few weeks.  There's been some sudo hacks before but nothing as easy as the PS Jailbreak USB dongle.  All you need to do is plug it into the PS3 USB and off you go into PS3 homebrew heaven! :)  If you don't want to drop the $20-$30 to buy the PS Jailbreak then perhaps the more tech savvy approach would work:  Temporary  turning your smart phone into a PS3 modchip/jailbreak.  Yup,  thats right, you can now install PSFreedom onto your smart phone (iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre and many more) and use it to install the Backup Manager on the PS3.   The Backup Manager will allow you to copy your original PS3 games onto the Playstation 3's hard drive and booting/playing them from the hard drive.  After you copy the games, you'll no longer need to use the DVD to boot the game! Slick, eh?! 

After winning the Vaporware award for over a decade, it seems Duke Nukem Whenever, err, I mean Forever might see the light of day!    The folks over @ Kotaku heard from someone's best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who heard that Gearbox Software will be finishing up Duke Nukem Forever! . I guess it's pretty serious. 

Microsoft has added a hidden gem in Windows 7 called "GodMode" where you can create a folder and then have ALL Windows 7 options in one place like a Super Control Panel. This wasn't documented in Windows 7, but the folks at CNET was able to dig this up. To create a GodMode folder, do this:

* Create a folder and name it:

Walmart will be selling $100 Xbox 360s ($200 + bonus $100 Gift Card = $100 Xbox 360)! Starting Nov. 7th, 2009 at 8am, Wally world will be having this insane pre-Black Friday, one day in-store special sale. Along with the Xbox 360, they'll also be having specials on TVs, computers and even $5 12 pound turkeys! So grab your sleeping bag and start camping out @ Walmart for your Xbox 360 and 12lbs. turkey!

Here's a link to their specials:

Good luck!

George Lucas's game company, Lucas Arts, used Drupal to build their new site for the game: Star Wars, The Old Republic. The theme used is fricken awesome! Take a look:

It was pouring on my way to work today and sure enough every time it rains, someone has to flip on their hazard lights while they're driving.

People! It's illegal to use hazard lights while your vehicle is moving.