I'm a video game collector.  I've been collecting video game consoles since I was a little kid.  I tend to buy limited edition video game stuff and then put it behind glass in hopes that one day my son will be on Pawn Stars trying to sell it for hopefully more than I paid! :)  Here are some cool Wii accessories and Wii games I currently have on order:

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Gold Remote Bundle

This game is going to be awesome!  But what's even more awesome is that this bundle will be worth some money in 20 or so years.  This highly collectible game comes with a gold Wii controller that will be worth some money one day.  


Sonic the Hedgehog "Limited Edition Individually Numbered" Figure 2X Inductive Charger for Wii

Not sure if the Limited Edition Individually Numbered will make this worth more in 25 years, but it's still a must have.  Hopefully they didn't make millions of this item.


Those are just two items, my list of things to buy can be found on this Wii accessory site in their Wii collectible section.

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