My wife and I love watching reality TV. We watch shows like American Gun, American Pickers, American Restoration and we used to watch Operation Repo until we found out it was staged/fake. Another show we watch is the History Channel's Pawn Stars. This show is great... there are some really cool things that people bring in to pawn and there's always some sort of history lesson with each item. Well, we just found out that a lot of the items that people bring into Pawn Stars are staged! It seems the pawn shop works with a few local businesses and all they do is hire actors or employees from the other stores to bring in rare items to be pawned. One example of a fake pawn is from season 2, episode 5 - in this ep, a man brings in a 1960 Les Paul custom guitar that he claims to have gotten while touring with the bands Toto and Triumph in the 80s. The guitar actually belonged to a local Las Vages vintage guitar store named Cowtown Guitars. The guy that brought the guitar into the pawn shop was actually an employee of Cowtown Guitars and the expert they brought in to appraise the guitar was Cowtown Guitar's manager. So what they're doing here is just plugging local businesses. Weak! Although, the show is still interesting to watch.. we won't give up on them yet.

Here's a clip of the staged transaction.


I found this info from this site. They offer more evidence that Pawn Stars has some staged transactions.

Here's the pilot for Pawn Stars:

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