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Anonymous on Wed, 04/06/2011 - 17:49

i have a friend who work in repo bussiness. he dont wear a uniform neighter and he told me how crazy ppls get and he work alone he told me he wish he had a strong person like matt to work with him. yall can say its fake but if u talk to my friend who been shot twice trying to repo a car. "tell him its fake." he say ppl do act the same thing like on the show but even worse. like the show froy got beat up my friend was beat too but they broke his leg and arm. so yeah the show is fake with the actor but the events really happen just the same as 1,000 ways to die it happen for real but tv is just a reinactment replace with actor to act it out on how it really happen. so remember the show is fake but the event the actor act out are very real.


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