What keyword do you want to target today?

What keywords do you want your site to show up for? Easy, the keywords that are most searched for! If you head over to Google's Keyword tool and type in the keyword(s) you think your site should be listed under, Google will return suggestions and most importantly the search volume. The search volume column is an average monthly number of searches over the recent 12 months. This will give you a good idea if people are searching for the keywords you had in mind.

Low search volume isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just means your site will have a better chance of showing up because there's not too many other sites competing for that particular keyword. I started targeting a bunch of low volume keywords just to get some traffic and then started working on the high volume keywords.

One of the first high volume keywords I targeted was "R4 Nintendo DS". The R4 is a storage device for the Nintendo DS. Being a gamer at heart, I decided to see if I can gain any ground on keywords for this device. According to Google's keyword tool, the keywords "r4 nintendo ds" gets about 301,000 searches a month.

300k searches a month = good amount of traffic!

What I did first was I created a blog entry on my site about the device. You can see it here:

I ordered a R4 and then wrote a little review about it. I also embedded a few YouTube R4 tutorial videos on the page to help other R4 users with their installation. To date the page has received over 344000 reads and over 400 comments. This R4 post is also the #1 result on Google when you search for "R4 Nintendo DS" and other R4 related keywords.

This was just the start...

The art of analytics

As I mentioned in my previous SEO post about analytics tools, Piwik is one of the best open-source analytics tools available! I refresh the thing about 10-20 times a day to see what keywords people are using to come to my sites. Watching the incoming keywords gives me great ideas about new posts to write. For example, I added a Halloween cutouts post that ended up on the first page of Google Images when people search for "super mario halloween cutouts". This page gets great traffic every year around Halloween. Seeing how the cutout page gets great traffic, I decided to put a Super Mario Halloween costume page up. The Halloween costumes page is now on the 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for Mario Halloween costume keywords.

See a trend happening here?

Since I've written so many posts about Mario related stuff, the site has become an Authoritative site for "Mario Bros News". How can you tell if your site is an authoritative site? Google will display extra links from your site under the listing. You can see here that WiiLoveMario.com is listed as an authoritative site for "Mario Bros News". One of the benefits of having an authoritative site is your post usually shows up in Google after about an hour of publishing it! Content is definitely king!

Keeping track of your analytics data will help you refine existing pages and write new ones. The data also tells you what browser and screen resolution your users are using so that you can test your site to make sure its displaying correctly for everyone.

What to do next? Monetize your content! In part 3 of this series I'll explain how I turned my posts into recurring revenue of about $1000-$1500 per month!

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